Heather Keizur

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Heather wowed the Jazz Society audience with a whole new level of sultry, expressive, soothing, and romantic classic ballads, jazz standards and authentic French chansons. She combined these with her expressive stage presentation, and interplay with pianist and vocal accompanist Steve Christofferson. For many, it was the jazz highlight of the season. Malcolm Holt
The Georgia Straight Jazz Society

Heather Keizur is a wonderfully talented jazz singer... mindful, or respectful of the lyrics, making them her own personal story.... dipped in a little French Au Jus sauce to add a hint of European style. It's kind of a dreamy feeling. Michael Elliot, Hollywood Orchestrator, Arranger, Composer

Heather sings like there's no tomorrow.
Steve Christofferson, Pianist, Melodica Player, Composer, Recording Artist

Heather Keizur is a lovely singer who has taken some of the lesser known gems from the Great American Songbook and the French chansons tradition and made them thoroughly and delightfully her own.  She sings songs of love with passion and intensity.
David K. Matthews, Pianist for Santana and Etta James, Composer, Arranger, Recording Artist

Whether singing in English or French, this dazzling vocalist projects the inner beauty of herself and the song she sings, straight to the heart of the listener.
Tom Grant,
Pianist, Vocalist, Recording Artist, Producer

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